Thursday, September 30, 2010


Motivation is key in any workout schedule; without it we tend to make excuses for missing workouts, eating unhealthy foods, slacking on your routines and other detrimental actions that slow the progress to your final goal. In order to stay motivated, figure out what you want to gain from working out and eating right. Whether it be personal health, strength, physical appearance, sports etc.. Always keep the final goal in mind, try not to think about where you are at, but rather where you want to be. Many people (including myself) get caught up in the excuse of "I'm in good enough shape, why waste any more time?" This of course is an excuse used to temporarily justify a missed workout. Here are some tips for staying motivated:

  • Find a role model that you relate with and strive to mimic their accomplishments.  
  • Look for upbeat music that makes you feel excited and energetic and add it to your workout playlist.
  • Approach your fitness with the attitude of "I'm doing this because *insert reason here,* I feel good doing it and I'm proud of my progress so far but I know I have a ways to go. 
  • Instead of seeing your workout as a chore, make it a part of your life as a habit so that it becomes a normal activity in your day.
  • No matter how tired or lazy you feel, think of how much better you will feel after the workout.
  • When you feel lethargic and unmotivated to exercise, think of how lucky you are that you CAN exercise and have full control of your body.
  • Think of the benefits of exercise before you begin your fitness routine: Increased energy, release for pent-up emotions, raise of self esteem, regulation of body chemicals, better sleep, etc... The list goes on and on.
  • Congratulate yourself for the work you've done so far and always keep your final goal in mind.
  • Look up motivational quotes and read success stories of others who have achieved their goals.
  • Find a workout buddy; working out with a friend is great! You help motivate each other to strive for one more rep and challenge each other to push yourself further and further. This also keeps you each accountable  for your workouts and eliminates excuses.
  • Keep a varying routine to avoid getting bored with the same pattern.
  • Don't beat yourself up if you miss a workout due to legitimate reasons, life sometimes throws us curve-balls that can make it hard to fit in a workout.
  • Make mini-goals such as a number of how many times a week you want to workout or a certain value of time (measured in minutes, hours, or however you want) spent exercising per week. 
  • Keep a fitness journal, this is extremely important in any fitness routine. Not only does a fitness journal keep track of your progress but it also shows what you did the last time you exercised so that you can strive to beat your last routine.
Remember, commitment is the SINGLE most important thing in any fitness routine or diet.

"Success rests not only on ability, but upon commitment, loyalty, and pride." 
-Vince Lombardi

What are some things that keep you motivated to workout? Leave a comment below!

Thanks, Joe

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Success Using P90X: Extreme Home Fitness

My final back pictures didn't turn out too well but I will take some more at a later date.


These are the photos of my journey through the P90X. I noticed the majority of the changes happening in the last 30 which is apparently normal of people who have done the program. In the future I will write a review of the program as well as the troubles I had when I was first starting.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks, Joe

My Story

Hello all,

In this post I will introduce myself and portray my personal fitness journey. My full name is Reno Joseph Resendes and in the past few years I have researched Nutrition and Fitness, my main focus was nutrition until about four months ago when I started focusing on my fitness. Throughout and after highschool I had always considered myself "fit," I had been active in sports and visited the gym regularly but in no way did I think of myself as ripped. A few months ago, I stumbled on a program called P90X and for those of you who don't know what it is, it is a home fitness program that involves the use of weights, pull-ups, push-ups and cardio based exercises done in your own home. For more information visit the website here :

While I found the strength training programs extremely effective, I wasn't very fond of the cardio and so I maintained my regular visits to the gym to do cardio on the days when I wasn't strength training. I also managed to fit in another workout in the week to work on either chest or arms at the gym. In this blog I will be giving tips and information about all areas of fitness and nutrition and how to achieve your personal fitness goals. I will also answer any questions you have in either of these areas as well as give any information you may be wondering about The P90X. 

In the next day or two I will upload my own results using P90X.

Send me any questions you have

Thanks, Joe