Friday, October 8, 2010

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

The single most important factor in getting the abs you desire is proper eating. You can have the most ripped abs in the world but if you have excess fat, no one is going to be able to see it. This observation supports the statement: Cardio makes up 85% of the work required in getting six-pack abs. Read my earlier post about cardiovascular health for some tips on your cardio routine. Here are some extra tips to burning fat:

  • Fat-loss is obtained by exercising at 75-85% of your maximum heart rate which is usually 150-175 beats per minute. Doing this for 30-70 minutes a day will provide steady weight loss given a proper diet.
  • A baseline measurement of how much fat to lose per week is about 1 pound (454 g). In order to lose this amount a calorie calculator is extremely helpful, it bases your calorie intake off your weight. Here is an effective calorie calculator:
  • Now for the other 15% of the work: An excellent ab routine is the "Ab Ripper X" from the P90X: Extreme Home Fitness program, it is available on youtube. If you do not have access to this program, there are many other free ab workouts on the web that will work just as well.  
In today's markets, there are thousands of machines that are sold under the guise of false promises of six pack abs. The truth behind these machines is they simply don't work and are an unnecessary purchase, these machines are targeted to the sucker who knows nothing of fitness. You don't need a single thing other than your own body to get the six pack abs you crave. Always keep in mind that it is dedication and hard work that gets the results, not expensive machines and gadgets. 

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  1. holy crap, i never would have guessed! my boyfriend is getting a really lightly defined six pack but it's just sort of happening on its own, he's not working out at the moment. thanks for the info.