Monday, November 8, 2010

My Leg Workout

Basic Info: This workout is really great all-around workout for the entire area of your legs and glutes. For quads and calves, the target rep area is 20-25. I find doing higher reps in these areas promotes greater muscle growth and gives a better pump. The exercises are simple but effective if done correctly.

1.Squats-3 Sets of 20: Keep your legs a bit wider than shoulder width with your feet pointed a bit outward. Make sure to keep you back as straight as possible throughout the entire exercise avoiding the danger of arching your back. Push through your heels and try to go down until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Keep your knees above your toes.

2.Calf Raises-3 Sets of 20: With this exercise I like to change the direction my feet are pointing for each set, starting first with them facing perfectly straight then turned outward as far as I can and then inward for the last set. Take a 30-60 second break between each set. There are usually several calf raise machines in a gym, any of these can be used for this.

3.Hack Squat-3 Sets of 8-10: There are many ways to do this exercise such as certain machines and equipment specifically designed for the Hack Squat but I will show how to do it simply with a barbell just in case your gym doesn't have the right equipment or your working out at home. Lay the barbell on the ground and step in front of it so that the bar is at your heels. Bending your knees, descend until your thighs are parallel with the ground and bar. Grab the bar behind you with an overhand grip and while keeping your arms and back straight, shoulders high, hips low ascend until your legs are straight. Do not let your knees lock as this will cause damage over time.

4.Leg Curls-3 Sets of 8-10: This exercise is extremely basic, just make sure you keep your feet pointed up and curl your heels into your butt.

5.Single Leg Curls-3 Sets of 8-10: There are several machines that can be used to do this exercise so just find the one you prefer. You can use the same machine as the regular leg curl but it's a bit awkward as the picture shows.

6.Leg Extensions-3 Sets of 8-10: Another basic exercise, make sure your knees are in the same line with the pivot point of the machine.

7.Single Leg Extensions-3 Sets of 8-10: I use the same basic leg extension machine to do these with one foot on the seat to keep it out of the way.

Thanks for reading, Joe.

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  1. Good info, need to start working on my legs more